Sunday Morning Brunch

We had company from Red Deer this weekend, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to cook for a crowd (by which I mean any more than two people). Crepes are my favourite lazy-morning food, as they have the ideal fanciness to ease-of-making ratio. They made an appearance accompanied by cinnamon rolls, and fresh basil hashbrowns. Washed down with some strong coffee, it was the perfect (late) start to a sunny, if cold, Sunday.

The cinnamon roll recipe I used is Michael Smith’s and you can find it here. The only changes I made were to use unsweetened soy milk, instead of cow’s milk/cream, and only cooked them for 20 mins, and they turned out amazingly! Soft and flaky, I couldn’t have been more pleased with my first attempt.


1 ½ Cups Almond or Soy milk

3 eggs

2 Tbsp melted butter

1 ½ Cups sifted flour

Beat eggs in a large mixing bowl.

Mix in milk and butter.

Whisk flour in until smooth.

Add extra milk until it has the consistency of very runny pancake batter.

Ladle into a hot oiled pan, on medium heat.

Roll pan around the spread batter across the bottom.

Cook until bottom is just barely starting to brown, a couple minutes.

Flip, and cook briefly.

Top with… whatever you like! We used: bananas, thawed frozen berries, whipped cream and/or syrup.


About Aubrey Foncine

I'm a self-taught foodie with a small kitchen and big aspirations!
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