Cajun Chicken

This recipe really lets the spices shine through. I’m pretty sure that the addition of sugar means that it’s not really a traditional Cajun rub, but it’s delicious. You can change the sugar:spice ratio to adjust the heat; particularly if serving to children, you might want to up the sugar. My personal favorite way to serve this is on a Caesar salad. Maybe if you’re really nice to me I’ll talk my father into letting me post the secret family Caesar salad dressing recipe. But for now:

Cajun Chicken: serves 4


4 Chicken Breasts

3 Tbsp Chili Mix

1 Tbsp Brown Sugar

2 Tbsp Coconut Oil (you can sub any other high-smoke point oil (canola is ok), but if you use butter it will burn at the temps we’re using!)

That’s it! Easy peasy.


Slice the Chicken into roughly same-sized strips. Pat dry.

Mix together Spices and Sugar in a deep plate/ wide-bottomed bowl.

Coat the Chicken slices on all sides, gently patting the mix on, then gently shaking off the excess.

Heat up a skillet on high-med-high. (Obviously this varies by stove, generally you’ll want it a bit higher than you would normally saute veggies on, if that helps.)

Add 1/2 Tbsp of Oil once the pan is fully heated, and then add Chicken strips. *You will need to do this in batches* I cannot emphasize this enough. If the pan is crowded, it will not get crispy. No piece of chicken should be touching another, ideally.

Cook 2-4 mins per side, depending on thickness. Cut one open to make sure it’s done. You may also need to add extra Oil before each new batch, and ensure it’s piping hot again.

Alternative: Espresso Sirloin  Ok, bear with me here, guys. I know this sounds strange, but I promise it’s so tasty. Use 1 Tbsp each of Chili Mix and Brown Sugar, and 1 tsp of Instant Coffee (or if you have your own coffee grinder, beans freshly ground as fine as possible). Now rub that stuff on a nice sirloin steak. Cook however you normally prefer to. As usual, thank me with jewels and cash.


About Aubrey Foncine

I'm a self-taught foodie with a small kitchen and big aspirations!
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