Screw diamonds. Premixed spices are a girl’s best friend.

So, as some of you know, I decided to give out some of my personal favorite spice mixes for Christmas this year. The honest truth is that there is only one of these that I use on a very regular basis and which served as the inspiration. According to the not-at-all creative sticker currently bedecking my spice jar, this is chili mix. Which is fine, I suppose. It contains chili powder. You very much can and should use it in chili. It’s an appropriate name, just not a very interesting one. Therefore, I declare A CONTEST! Suggest new wonderful names in the comments, and whoever comes up with the best name wins a really wonderful secret prize. Mkay?

But until then, let me introduce you to Chili Mix. This guy is great, one of my best friends, in fact. He goes with EVERYTHING (*not guaranteed), not just Mexican-y type foods. If you think your dish is missing that little something, he’s it. It’s like umami without the MSG.
Vegetables really benefit from a little sprinkling, particularly onions. I almost never cook onions without this, no matter what they’re going into. And the times I don’t, it’s because I’m all out and too lazy to mix up a new batch (which is a terrible excuse, it takes 2 minutes max, and that includes the fun shaking part where you get to dance.) But I probably need to make a new bottle of this stuff once every week or two, it gets used that often.
Chili Mix is also BFFs with meat. Chicken? Yes. Fish? Yes. Pork? Yes yes! Beef? Absolutely. Other crazy meats I’ve never tried? Almost certainly.
You know that old lady who does the Frank’s Red Hot commercials? I’m like her with this.

And you can be too. Here’s how.
I’m going to do this in “parts” rather than solid measurements, because I have no idea what size container you’re going to make this in, and all you really need are rough proportions. Sometimes when I make it, it’s really red and a bit spicier. Sometimes it’s paler because I added more onion and garlic powder. It tastes wonderful regardless.

Chili Mix:
3 parts each chili powder (strength is up to you and your tastebuds) and paprika (again, whatever kind you like, but be aware some are spicy and some are not)
1 part each of onion and garlic powder (if you’re out of one or the other, just double up on the one you have).
A smack (which is an official cooking term, see Arrested Development) of salt and pepper. I prefer coarse grained sea salt and freshly cracked pepper.

Make sure you leave a little head room if you’re mixing this up in the spice jar you intend to use, otherwise it won’t mix well. I leave about a finger’s breadth at the top.

Now shake-a-shake-a-shake-a until it’s more or less uniformly mixed. Dancing is mandatory, but singing is optional…in households other than my own. Now put it on ALL THE FOOD!

For real though, here’s some proper recipes that you can use this with:

Cajun Chicken

P.S. Use it on your nachos! A very light sprinkling will do the trick. You can thank me later with jewels and cash


About Aubrey Foncine

I'm a self-taught foodie with a small kitchen and big aspirations!
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