The New and Improved Foncine Cuisine

Many things have changed in my life since my last post 10 months ago. I got married. I moved back to my hometown of Red Deer, Alberta. And I started eating meat again. All of these things are quite wonderful, and I’m newly inspired to make this blog a wonderful place.

I do feel the  need to discuss my changes in dietary philosophy, however, especially because this began as a vegetarian food blog. Now, don’t get the wrong idea, I have nothing against vegetarianism, it just wasn’t working for me. Due to the research I’ve been reading, I don’t think it’s the most ideal diet for health purposes, but I absolutely still agree with much of the philosophy behind it, particularly regarding animal welfare and respect towards the planet.

“But wait!” you’re thinking, “what a hypocrite! How can you eat animals if you care about their wellbeing?” And I get that. But I do care about my own health more, in all honesty. So I am making a very concentrated effort to make sure my meat and eggs are ethically raised. Eggs were probably the easiest one – there’s a farm not too far from my house that sell organic, free-range eggs, and they are DELICIOUS. (I recently bought some grocery store ones when there was a shortage, and even though they were also organic and free range, they were awful – pale yolks, incredibly fragile shells… labels aside, these are not healthy, happy chickens laying these.) Beef wasn’t too hard either, although it’s a little expensive, but organic grass-fed beef is so superior, in both taste and ethics. I’m working on the pork and chicken still.

Other important changes to my diet (and thus the focus of this blog) include eliminating wheat from our meals (even if you’re not technically gluten-intolerant… you probably are. I recommend starting with reading “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis if you would like more info), and trying not to eat processed food, seed oils and legumes (especially soy).

What does that leave? Healthy fats (coconut oil, avocado, olive oil, full fat dairy), meats, LOTS of vegetables and some fruits. It’s basically paleo, and if you are interested in more detail, my personal favorite resources are Mark’s Daily Apple and Whole9.

That all being said, I still want to provide delicious recipes for my vegetarian/vegan readers – your diet is YOUR choice, and I have complete respect for that. What I firmly believe in is genuinely nutritious food. Not “health food” but actual fuel for your body. With that in mind, I will continue to offer vegetarian recipes and suggestions for making other ones vegetarian/vegan.

So, with that being said, welcome to the new and improved Foncine Cuisine!

much love, Aubrey Foncine


About Aubrey Foncine

I'm a self-taught foodie with a small kitchen and big aspirations!
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