Sunday Morning Brunch

We had company from Red Deer this weekend, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to cook for a crowd (by which I mean any more than two people). Crepes are my favourite lazy-morning food, as they have the ideal fanciness to ease-of-making ratio. They made an appearance accompanied by cinnamon rolls, and fresh basil hashbrowns. Washed down with some strong coffee, it was the perfect (late) start to a sunny, if cold, Sunday. Continue reading

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Wonton Miso Soup

One of the side effects of ditching the dairy is that we tend to eat a lot of Asian food. I may have learned to make a mean soy alfredo sauce, and there’s a plethora of dairy substitutes available, but in the end, it’s just so much easier to make dishes that don’t call for it to begin with. And on that note, I give you: Wonton Miso Soup (cue dramatic music).

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Couscous & Roasted Vegetable Salad

One of my goals this year is to start experimenting with some of the unusual vegetables now available at the supermarket – some of which I’ve never heard of, and most of which I’ve never (knowingly!) eaten. In the spirit of this, I purchased some Indian Eggplant – I know, not the most adventurous move, but I’ve technically never cooked with it before. Also, I knew I wouldn’t use an entire eggplant, as it’s not my most favourite vegetable, and these vivid purple little balls caught my eye.

This recipe was inspired by my darling mother – she was raving about a quinoa salad she’d made, and while I’ve been meaning to try cooking with quinoa, I had some couscous in the cupboard I needed to use up. I’m also trying to swear off the dairy, but I did use feta with this one – it just adds that special something that I’m not sure how to replace! This salad is great freshly prepared and hot, but was even better cold the next day. Continue reading

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Vietnamese Salad Rolls

A healthful alternative to deep-fried spring rolls, salad rolls are traditionally made with herbs, pork and/or shrimp and vermicelli noodles. Of course, I have omitted the meat, but it’s one of those dishes that bears experimentation well.

These tasty little numbers were inspired by the need to jazz up a dinner of stirfry leftovers. I like to think they classed up the feast nicely. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of using rice paper – it’s really quite easy once you get used to it. I find the following method works perfectly for me.

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